Reload not picking up latest file

Anyone noticing that Reloading is not picking up your latest version of your file? I've uploaded my latest python file, and both the Web and Files tabs show the latest content, but when I click on the Reload button, the resulting web app displays the content based on the version of the file prior to the upload. Don't see any errors in any logs.

Another strange behavior is when I first uploaded the file, the Files tab displayed the content of that latest upload, but the Web tab displayed the content of the older version, prior to the upload! Same path, same file, displaying different content. I was able to get the Web tab to display the latest version by uploading a different filename and pointing to that new file name, but the Reload button appears to still be using the older version, prior to the upload.

That seems impossible, so some misunderstanding is expected. Contact us at with some more details so we can take a look and understand your problem.