"'module' object is not callable" with bare minimum app

I'm a beginner to python and flask. I had been trying to move my app from my local machine to here and have been having this "'module' object is not callable" error for a while. I just tried to just clear my and replace it with a minimal app framework that I know should work, but I'm still getting the same error. (I tried to format this code but what the hints said wasn't working)

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(name)

def hello_world():
(indent)return "< p>Hello, World!< p>"

My WSGI file looks as such:

import sys

path = '/home/ersredna/final-project'
if path not in sys.path:

from final_app import app as application

And my file lives at '/home/ersredna/final-project/final_app/'

What is the module that is not callable in your traceback?