Outbound requests

Ok so I'm trying to build a Web app that once I enter my username and password it logs me into another site but every time the get/post request is sent to the website in trying to log into I get some kind of proxy error how do I solve this or can I have it use the IP of the person trying to login ? I'm new to webapps so any help.would be appreciated!

Well damn my question got ignored lmfao. Ok here's a re worded question. I read that free accounts were restricted to white list only outbound requests and that any paid package allows for any outbound request. I'm getting the same error I was getting before I paid for the service so I'm very confused. Does the hacker pack not give the outbound request option or is it still white list only ?

If you're using a paid account (any kind, including the Hacker plan) then you aren't limited by the allowlist. What is the exact error message that you're getting?