cpu usage without using anything

I just got out of the tarpit and an hour before reset I paused all my tasks and 3 minutes after reset I get this:

CPU Usage: 5% used – 115.77s of 2,000s. Resets in 23 hours, 57 minutes

Additionally I cannot load a bash console to simply install a python package because it simply will not load.

This seems very random and I would really like to get someone to look at this for good.

4 minutes later:

13% used – 267.44s of 2,000s. Resets in 23 hours, 53 minutes

Again: I have zero tasks running....

The bulk of your CPU usage today has come from code running in consoles; did you check the "Running processes" table at the bottom of the "Consoles" page to see if you had something running in the background in a console you weren't viewing?