Having multiple domain names you want to point to single pythonanywhere app

Hello friends.

I have a portfolio website on pythonanywhere, that I've successfully linked to a single domain on GoDaddy. I have a couple other domain names that I'm trying to point to this same web app on pythonanywhere. Whenever I set these to the same CNAME as the domain name that works, it fails to connect.

I'm wondering:

1) Are you able to connect multiple domains on the Hacker plan? 2) Am I missing something or doing something wrong when trying to set up these additional domain names?


On PythonAnywhere you can associate only one custom domain with a web app.

Thanks fo letting me know, I suspected that may be the case. Cheers!

Django has the Sites framework that lets you link multiple domains to the same Django application. We need to use this Sites framework.

Re-direct is not an option as the app has to actually run using the domain as with the Django Sites framework the app will work, behave and even look different depending on the domain (or in Django terms Site).

How to do this on PythonAnywhere?

I see you posted about this in a separate thread and have replied there.