When is python 3.11 available?

Good day,

Our project depends on python 3.11. I saw a forum thread asking the same question as i in december 2022. The reply was: Yes, our next system image will support 3.11 -- we don't have an exact timeline right now, though.

I just upgraded my plan now. But im unsure if i want to use your platform on any further time.

Kind regards, Abdullah

It's right at the top of our list!

What timeline are we expecting. My project is waiting on the upgrade. Thanks.

We're working on it, but unfortunately there are a number of things that we have to do in order to make it work properly, and we don't have a timeline right now.

You are awesome. Looking forward to Python 3.11 and FastAPI ASAP!

Any update on python 3.11 availability?

It's still work in progress, no ETA yet.

I'm sorry, you've been working on this "right at the top of our list" since December 2022, and you still can't offer a projected date? That version is supposed to offer significant performance improvements: why has it taken almost a year to make it available? I love your great tech support, but we need these speedups!

We know that, but there are many factors involved in creation of the new system image.

Hi, I know it hasn't even been a month since the last post on this thread, but are there any updates on the python 3.11 availability? Thanks

Thanks for asking! Nothing's changed though: work in progress, no ETA.

I just subscribed thinking PythonAnywhere would be a great place to host my newest project. Quite disappointed to notice that we don't even have python3.11 let alone 3.12. Unfortunately I'm going to have to find a new host. Ah well.

3.11 and 3.12 will come together soon.

When is 3.12 likely? I would like to port my localenv (running 3.12.1) to PythonAnywhere ASAP!

No estimations, sorry.

When is support for python 3.12.1 likely?

We dont have a clear date at the moment

very easy to use platform but sadly no support for python 3.11 as many python projects use latest versions

Thanks for the feedback, we're working on it.

when will 3.11 be out, waiting since so long. Pls roll out fast

It's on the way.


Any updates?

No, we will let you know when we have an update.