Inactivity timeout period?


I run an aiogram telegram bot on pythonanywhere. It keeps shutting down in a few hours without any errors(I have exception logger).

I firstly thought, that the problem is caused by using SSH-connection and "screen" command. But then I tried running the code by starting a "console" in "Consoles" tab on the website. It worked perfectly, but on the next morning bot shut down. When I opened a "console", it wrote something like this:

Loading console...
Preparing execution environment... OK
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow... OK
Loading Bash interpreter.

After it initialized, there was no logger output and nothing running. So how was it not running? Is there any timeout shut down period?

Thanks in advice for your help.

Our consoles are ephemeral by design -- have a look at the always-on task feature instead.