Nginx errors last couple of days

Has anyone else been getting Nginx errors when trying to browse their files the last couple of days? I can't get more than one or two levels deep without hitting it.

Hey there, we're aware of those. Working as hard as we can on some performance + scaling enhancements.

More info here

Hooray! Our first round of fixes made it through integration builds, and we've just deployed them. More info here:

Do keep letting us know if you see performance problems - either here, or using the "send feedback" button, or just by emailing us directly via

I definitely notice a big improvement compared to a couple of days ago. Thanks!

Wow, it's at least 3000% better than it was. Very zippy compared to before! Kudos guys! Glad to be a subscriber. Keep it up!

Just you guys wait until we get memcached installed !

Still, it's early days yet, we don't want to get our hopes up - the servers are always happiest when they're fresh, let's see how they're doing in a couple of days' time...