Account disabled, password reset does not work, need help asap.


I tried to contact support, but I have not yet received any response. I work for a tech company in Norway, and we are currently working on setting up an internal phishing campaign. After successfully configuring the phishing site, a few problems occurred.

  1. Google Secure Browsing flagged the domain as a "Deceptive site ahead". However, this was solved by contacting Google through Google Search Console. I explained myself and the purpose. They did a manual review and removed the domain from their blacklist.

  2. PythonAnywhere automatically logged my user off and disabled it without warning. I understand that "I'm not supposed to run a phishing site" on their cloud servers. Resetting the password does not work. My username is still active, and the CNAME for my domain (bought from Godaddy) is still connected to my original PythonAnywhere account. This makes it impossible for me to connect that domain to any other cloud hosting services.

I suspect that there will be someone out there replying with "that's against TOS", and yeah, so I figured it out.

My request to the admins is: please help me out. We can have a chat through email and I can provide you with all the information that you need, such as identity, proof of work, a statement from my supervisor etc. I just need this site up and running, and if that's not an option, please remove my connected domain so I can at least get it up and running. Sidenote: I have registered with my personal information and credit card, meaning that I would be stupid to do anything illegal.

This is important as we are on a tight schedule. At least talk with me through email and we can figure out a solution. It was never my intention to do any harm or exploit your services. I recently graduated, and this is my first tech job, I have never set up a phishing campaign before. I will learn from this and talk to the admins beforehand next time if a similar project would occur. Thanks in advance.

Sidenote, this account is newly created so I could post this on the forum. My name and personal information are identical to my other user. If the admins cannot find my previous account, please email me and I will provide it to you

Best regards.

We will get in touch with you via email.