File not found in the directory

Hi, Just so you know I red and applied advise from the:

Unfortunately when scheduling task using what I believe is correct path:


I am facing error:

No such file or directory

2022-09-21 05:45:07 -- Completed task, took 3.50 seconds, return code was 127.

Strangely enough when I run code from level up (main) folder all works fine. It is just that new directory that I have created which does not want to cooperate.. Please advise.

It looks like there's missing space between python3.10 and /home.

Gosh.. Had a feeling it is something silly.. Thanks a lot. One more thing. My script still saves output file in the main folder. Am I missing something else?

Provide an absolute path to the output file, that should sort it out.

I have just registered so sorry for my newbie question.. '/user/piotrmichna/files/home/piotrmichna/levels_data' is this what you call an absolute path?

No problem -- to determine an absolute path, you can run ls / in a Bash console, which will print out contents of the root directory. So in your case the abosulte path to the levels_data directory would be: /home/piotrmichna/levels_data.