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What can FMZ Quant platform do?

FMZ Quant platform is the most professional quantitative community in the field of quantitative trading. Here you can learn, write, share, buy and sell quantitative strategies; you can backtest online and use simulated disks to conduct simulated trading; you can also run, open, and operate the real bot through our excellent API. We support almost all mainstream digital currency exchanges.

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@klk Hi, and have been added to the whitelist.

@hmalik is also the api client require domain


Run ./robot -s -p yourFMZpassword, you should see something like 2018/07/05 05:04:10 Login OK, SID: 62086, PID: 7226, Name: host.localdomain, which means everything is worked. is unique to every users, find your own on

@klk Hi, If you would like the domain, to be considered for the whitelist, please send us a link to the API documentation which states the hostname for the endpoint.