Anvil uplink with PythonAnywhere

Folks, I've struggled with this for a bit so I thought I should record my experience: 1 - anvil-uplink installs fine; in case it happens to install in your .local/lib/... export PYTHONPATH= ... accordingly. 2 - anvil.server.connect() does NOT work with a free account 3 - anvil.server.connect() DOES work with a paid account (I'm on hacker right now) 4 - Note: after upgrading to the paid account one needs to re-start any consoles for the above to work 5 - I also found it takes a while before the privileges of the paid account reflect, for me it started working after 20-30 min but I wasn't continuously checking so it could be less. Enjoy all Anvil+PyhthonAnywhere users.

That's correct. Only new consoles get paid user privileges.