How to delete Account

I want to delete one of my Python Anywhere accounts, but I have not been able to find a button that allows me do that. Is it something I can do myself, or would I have to ask the PA team to help me do it?


Hi there -- to get an account deleted, just send an email from the address you used to register the account. We'll reply asking for confirmation (so that someone can't send us a message with a fake "From" address and get us to delete an account) and once you've confirmed, we'll delete it.

Thanks. I actually got it solved.

I would like to delete my account. Please let me know the steps.

To get an account deleted, just send an email from the address you used to register the account. We'll reply asking for confirmation (so that someone can't send us a message with a fake "From" address and get us to delete an account) and once you've confirmed, we'll delete it.

are you joking? I need to kindly write a special email to have my account deleted? what is it, 1995 or what?

Yup. We're so retro. We only just upgraded from using faxes.



for info:

will your blog be deleted as well? and please what is --nuke option

Where are you seeing a "--nuke" option? When we delete an account on PythonAnywhere, we delete all consoles, websites, scheduled tasks and other files associated with the account. We keep any billing information for paid account (we have to, for tax purposes), and forum posts remain (though with the username replaced with something like "deleted-user-1234" like in the posts above).

The --nuke option came when I tried to create a new blog with the same username, an error occurred and I was asked to enter the --nuke option if I wanted to replace the former blog. Please how long does it take for the account to be deleted

If you are referring to the pythonanywhere commandline package (something you may have interacted with say over a djangogirls tutorial), the --nuke option is applicable for a particular webapp. ie. it is just a webapp / a webapp folder that gets deleted/overwritten. Your PythonAnywhere account itself would not be deleted.

write .com

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean there.


I have some accounts that I want to delete:


The world is ending

Why my account beimg hakced?

Please simply allow the deletion of accounts!!!!

  • This is a super easy feature to implement.
  • You can ask for confirmation before actually deleting the account.
  • This is not user-friendly at all!

Simply check how many times the page was requested in your analytics tool over the past few days and you will see that people dont want to write emails to cancel their accounts. Or ask any usability expert if you dont trust your users.

If everyone says, the feature should be implemented and you still dont do it - then this is done on purpose and a business decision.

This means you are making a calculation like the following:

  • If we had this feature implemented, we would have 70% more cancellation of accounts.
  • Therefore, as a business we are making a conscious decision to not implement this feature.
  • Like telco or insurance companies...

I can see how you came to that conclusion, but it's based on two invalid assumptions, which are:

  • That we gain some kind of benefit by keeping accounts around. We do not. Cancelling a paid subscription so that you don't pay us money is a single click. We do not get any money at all from free accounts. If we were following the calculation you describe, that would not be the case. So, not implementing a user-accessible account deletion feature is costing us money to store the data that people have uploaded, and gives us absolutely no benefit. Add onto that the cost of having to process account deletions manually, and you can imagine that the current system is a lot of work for us for no obvious benefit. However, you also assume:
  • That adding an account deletion feature would be easy. I can see why you might think this if you've only built normal websites, where deleting an account is just logging them out then deleting a row from a database table and maybe a few files. But PythonAnywhere is a system that allows people not just to register and to upload files, but to run code in a variety of ways across a cluster of dozens of computers. Deleting an account requires accessing every single one of those machines, identifying processes that belong to the user that is being deleted, killing them, and then only once that is done, deleting all of the files. This requires system administrator access. We do not believe that it would be good security practice for the website component of our system to have full admin access to the whole cluster. So, someone needs to enter the appropriate passwords to unlock key files that temporarily grant admin access in order to process the account deletion.

We do plan to support user-accessible account deletion at some point, perhaps by making it easy for people to flag their account for deletion and then doing a daily job where an admin can enter the credentials required once, and then delete all of the accounts in one go, but we need to think through that carefully before implementing it. In particular, it would have the odd side-effect that you could "delete" your account and then not see the code in it stop running for up to 24 hours, which would be weird. So we'd need to work out some way to handle that, which is non-trivial to say the least.

hi i am delete my account

@myblogrest email us at

I want to delete this account. How can I do so?

@Hamrobakehub email us at

I want to delete my account, what's the best channel fax or you guys are already using email?

Send an email to

I have another account

OK -- if you want to delete any of the accounts you have, just email specifying which one you want deleted.