2022-05-09 05:22:05 DAMN ! worker 1 (pid: 8) died, killed by signal 6 :( trying respawn ...

its okay when i run locally, could someone help me please. screenshots

What do you do in your code?

  1. doing classification analyst sentiment using sklearn,
  2. generate wordcloud from dataset and show it to html page.
  3. and then generate bar chart using matplotlib.

That invalid pointer error suggests either that there is some issue in the libraries that you are using. Is there anything in your error logs relating to times when your workers are killed?

no i can't find any error on error logs whe it occurs. screenshot error logs

sometimes it works to show my html page, and sometimes it failed

sorry for my bad english sir

error logs

Is your web app's code using threading? If so, that would not work, and you may need consider moving that part of the code to Always-on tasks, or disabling the threading.