Scheduled tasks killed, return code 137

Hey all,

for a few days now (I don't recall exactly when it started), my scheduled tasks have been consistently getting killed after a runtime of roughly an hour. Previously they ran fine for hours or days on end, only occasionally stopping due to restarts on the server side (Which are normal, as far as I'm informed).

The way the script is set up it very briefly interacts with some external websites (reddit, google), then waits for about five minutes to do it again. But now it sometimes, seemingly at random, stops right after these waiting periods and before anything else happens. This is what the log says:

INFO:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:Resetting dropped connection:
INFO:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (5):
INFO:root:Accessed Reddit at: 2015-10-22 12:58:53
/bin/bash: line 1: 12671 Killed                  python /bin/ 'python2.6'

2015-10-22 13:03:05 -- Completed task, took 5761.00 seconds, return code was 137.

I have another call right after time.sleep(300), but it doesn't get there. Also, the "took 5761.00 seconds" seems to come from somewhere else, because this script only uses about 3 seconds of processor time per hour.

I'm at a loss here, could this be somehow caused by PythonAnywhere, or is it more likely that there's a bug in my script?

Hi there,

We've been dealing with some scaling issues on the task server, and as a temporary measure we've had to restrict the maximum allowed run-time for scheduled tasks. It's currently 1 hour for free users and 6 hours for paying users -- although we're constantly tweaking it, and we hope to get back to more permissive settings as soon as possible...

Sorry for the inconvenience :/

Hello, Is this limit still in force, please? My scheduled job was killed after 10248 seconds. Any plans to remove/extend it? Thanks!

Yes, the limit is still in force. The one hour limit still stands for free accounts, but it's not a "hard" limit -- that is, your task should definitely not be killed after less than 3,600 seconds, but you may get more (depending on what else is happening on the system).

We are planning to add support for "long-running" tasks which would stay running 24/7 (or be restarted if they crash). However, this may wind up being a paid-only feature.

Hello I am wanting to run my task 24/7, but it seems to only last an hour. Would the paid feature allow 24/7? And how much is it?

For a paying account, we clear down scheduled tasks after 24 hours. We are also running a beta for "always on" tasks that we have not decided how to charge for yet.