update chromium


I am working with a script that needs to use the most up-to-date chromium located in the usr/bin. how can i go about updating? Do i need to intstall a chromedriver.exe online?

PythonAnywhere is a Linux environment, so there are no .exe files used. Versions of the system-wide applications are pinned to system images and users don't have the root access. Theoretically you could try to upload relevant files and build newer version of Chrome (chromium) on your account with a newer version of the chromedriver, but we don't provide support for that and we don't gurantee that it would work correctly.

How can we build newer version of chrome/chromium on my account?

You could try to compile it from the source, but we don't offer support for that (and it's most probably won't work on a free account). We will deploy newer version of chromium with the next system image that we're currently working on.