Plan info

Hi Team, I am not able to decide that for which plan should I go. I want to do data extraction from APIs and send it to google sheet so Tableau/Power BI can visualize the data. I have one python file and with this, I will extract the data from 4 API links, I'll extract the data, parse it, create a new table by merging these data frames and then send the data to google sheet. so there is more than 10 function in the python file where one function will run every hour(extract the data and merge with the rest of the functions) and the other two functions will run once a day(extract the data and merge with the rest of the functions). I have checked in google collab so only the first time the whole script was taking 20-25 min for complete execution and after that, it completes the execution(of the whole script) within 5 min. so when I'll start the program only then it will take 30min then after it, it will take not more than 5 min for each execution. Also, This program will run 247(means one function every hour(247) and the rest two once a day).
I hope I clearly informed you about my requirement. So based on it which plan will be appropriate for me.


247 mean 24 by 7

Take a look at Start with the basic hacker plan and add more CPU second if you find that you need more.