wtf is "announcing my loyalty to the Emperor..." etc... in the server log ?!? :D

  • "...announcing my loyalty to the Emperor..."
  • "...your mercy for graceful operations on workers is 60 seconds"
  • "...brutally killing workers..."

Do you have any table I can look up for the explanation of these logs ? :D

Oh, those are just a "licentia poetica" of the uWSGI developers (you'll probably get used to that particular kind of humour). You can read more about the Emperor in the uWSGI docs. Generally the Emperor is a metaphor for the main uWSGI process that manages multiple web apps (called "vassals"), which have, in turn, their "workers" available (i.e. processes to handle the requests). The logs you quoted are indicating the process of reloading the web app.

All right. Thanks.

ps. Greetings from Poland ;)

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