Ideas for remotely disable/enabling Always On Tasks

In my account, I have a few Always-on Tasks running. These tasks are watching "System 1" and then extracting some info and alerting "System 2". Sometimes System 1 does wacky things, goes offline, and is being worked on. This causes my scripts to then post errors and garbage into System 2. Generally speaking, there isn't a means for the scripts to know if System 1 is healthy or not, that would be ideal.

I'm cooperating with a couple other devs for these Always-on Tasks and the report into System 2. System 1 we have no access or authority with other than an API. No visibility for when it may act up

So, I'm wondering if there is a way for me to create an enable/disable mechanism for the Always-On Task so that my collaborators can activate/deactivate if need be since I'm not monitoring the system 24/7. (between us we have good coverage, but I'm the weak link if I'm sleeping can't get to stopping things before a bunch of garbage trashes System 2) I don't want to give them access to my full account, since I have various dev items in my account for other projects.

I'd love any thoughts on ways to go about this. Thank you.

You could create a simple web app with an API that would speak with our tasks API on request. Otherwise you'd need to share your PA API token, which is not a safe solution.

Yes, I was thinking it might be along these lines. Off to research more....