Best Way to Host Web App with multiple csv and geojson files

Forgive the ignorance--first timer here--I'd like to host a web app via PythonAnywhere, but am curious as to the best approach given the input file types.

I have a Plotly Dash application that takes in information from separate csv files and geojson files. Currently I have those stored locally for testing, but obviously when transitioning over to hosting the application on the web, I'll need a different solution.

Is it possible to store these files on my PythonAnywhere account and access that way? I'd like to not have to integrate the csv files into a MySQL server but am not against it, but am unsure of how/where to host the geojson files.

What would be the best, most user-friendly solution for a single-member team (myself) that is beginner-friendly?

Thanks in advance, and sorry again for the ignorant questions--first timer here.

Yes, that should be fine -- on PythonAnywhere you have access to a filesystem and you can store your data there. We have a help page with some resources on Dash which might also be useful.