Using subdomain in pythonanywhere


The main domain is hosted on a different hosting company. Can I create a subdomain and connect it to pyhonanywhere?

i.e. on 'A hosting company' Can be used in connection with the app?

In this case, what is the most appropriate method for connectiong pythonanywhere? Where should I do the work, between domain register (godaddy) or 'a hosting company' that can manage dns?

1.Currently on godady:

Records We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us.

The current domain is in godaddy, the subdomain is forwarding only. Please refer to the picture.

  1. The dns zone file is managed by hosting. In this case, should be specified in ZONE RECORDS and what type and data should be specified? That is, I want to know the type and data that can be connected to

Please refer to the picture.

thank you!

Yes, you can use a subdomain of your own domain on PythonAnywhere. You will need a paid account to do that, though.

You need to make your DNS changes with whichever company is managing your DNS hosting. See our help page about what you need to do.

thank you. Upgrade plan, and connect .

great service!!