How can I get a paid-for PythonAnywhere(TM) account?

I want to buy subscriptions for all of my family for Christmas, but there's no way I can pay for an account for them!

Please, please, PythonAnywhere(TM), don't make me look like a cheapskate. Beta invites look really silly under the tree, no matter how prettily I wrap them up :-(

Yeah, that's a really good point! I've got an enormous amount of disposable income, and last year I gave most of it to charity. But this year I've definitely found a more deserving cause!

Where's the "donate" button?

Hi May,

unfortunately we can't have a "Donate" button, because Paypal's policy on the issue is a little confused. There's more information here:

Some day soon we should have a paid-for system though, but I suspect it will be so laughably cheap (given that it will be such amazingly good value), that you'll probably have loads of disposable income left over - I'm afraid you're going to have to keep funding those charities!