When will PA support Python 3.3?

Python 3.3 has been out nearly a month now. Any estimate on when PA will support Python 3.3?

Hi Buttons,

Well we can start the process this week. We can upgrade and run it through our integration tests and see if anything breaks. So could be quite quick. A week or two. Just depends on any repercussions it might have.



How is this progressing?

Hmm, not sure how we managed to the ball on this. It's about to go into testing on Monday, anyway. I'll make sure it gets done.

Just pinged you all re: this...Guess I should have searched first. In for 3.3!

Warning: Python 3.3 support on PythonAnywhere, in the first instance, will be console + tasks only. for web apps, you'll have to wait a little longer (or build a clever little 2.7->3.3 WSGI bridge...)

I still write my apps for Python 2.x - I'm such a luddite...

Us too ;-)

It's there!

Just saw this!!