Analysing response time in access.log

Hi, I would like to analyse the response delays of my Flask app using the access.log Could you perhaps recommend me a free tool / handy solution that allows analysis at this level of granularity? Thanks.

That's a good question! To be honest, when I've done that in the past I've normally used a spreadsheet -- LibreOffice, to be specific, though Google Sheets would probably work well.

If you feel like doing deep analysis using Python, perhaps you could build a Jupyter Notebook to do it, though? I don't know of any particular tools that would make it particularly easy, though.

Thanks, Giles. I tried with a sheet (MS Excel) but it was unclear what is the delimiter character to use for importing the text to sheet. Perhaps I missed to recognize it? Does the access log use a standard Apache log format?

In LibreOffice (which I think basically just copies Excel for this) I would use tabs and spaces as delimiters, and then check the "Format quoted field as text" option to make it handle quotes correctly. That does leave it spitting the timestamps over two columns, but the second of those is always just zeros (it's the offset from UTC so you can ignore it).

Thank you, this was very helpful :-)