Domain name configuration problem


I purchased a domain name (e.g., from the and pointed my domain to

I added a DNS record 'on' as per the instruction in a way that CNAME for the 'Record' field, www for the 'Name' field, and for the 'Content' field. I also set up a Domain pointer on "" in a way that "URL standard" for the Pointer Type field and "" for the "Directory" field, but it should have nothing to do with this error I'm getting on pythonanywhere at the moment.

I reloaded my domain ( but am still getting the error message - "There is a problem with your domain name configuration. Take a look at....". I've waited longer than a day for DNS to propagate, but it's not still working.

Plus, when I click on my custom domain name link on the pythonanywhere web app page, I'm directed to some weird page that shows the same interface as "", which is one of the "Nameserver" on

Could you please let me know what could be the problem here?


What do you see when you enter it in

I've checked it on pretty much every hour and tried it on, but it all shows X's. / CNAME --> all X's. on

If your domain name host is not publishing your CNAME, you should contact them to find out what the issue is.