Can't to install tensorflow [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded

Hi, i'm delete all modules from ./local and my quota is 600 KB full and i trying to install tensorflow==2.4.0 with this command: pip3.8 -q install --user tensorflow==2.4.0 but get an error [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded. At the same time, my quota is only half full and tensorflow is installed partially ! How i can fix this?

Tensorflow uses a lot of disk space temporarily during the installation.

And..... I can't to install tensorflow with 2 GB quota?

Apparently not -- just made an experiment with a fresh account with 2GB disk space, and got Disk quota exceeded error as well.

EDIT: I was able to install it on account with 3GB disk space, it eventually took 1.4GB after the installation.