Authentication error - notebooks not loading with paid account

"Authentication error

There was an error authenticating you with the Notebook server. Please log out of PythonAnywhere and then log back in again."

I have a Hacker level account and I am trying to create a new notebook and I get the above error. I have logged out, cleared my cache, restarted, deleted and created new notebooks in various folders. None of which has helped. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Did you try different browsers? Which browser (name and version) do you use?

I'm was using Safari 14.1.1 (which is convenient for the biometric password keychain Apple provides) but I checked and I can get it working in Chrome.

Interesting. Was there no indication in Safari that it was rejecting cookies or something? It sounds like they've changed their policy or something.

I didn't see anything to indicate that being an issue. I did clear my cache and there aren't any warnings or blocked pop-ups. I'm happy to test anything you can think of if that's helpful.

The most likely thing is that it is blocking the auth cookies, but I don't know Safari well enough to guide you in finding where that would be logged. Does Safari have the developer tools window like Chrome and Firefox have?

Was this resolved? I am having same issue all of a sudden in Safari as well.

Do you see anything in whatever dev tools your browser provides?