binance weight ban. only on pythonanywhere


I've been trying out a trading bot for Binance on your service. So far so good, I'm still in free modus, but if this works out it seems convincing to me so i'll probably sign up for good.

However, there is a problem i've run into. My bot gets a weight-ban. Now I know what weights are and how it works. The thing is that the script runs perfectly fine on my own computer.

What is most interesting is that i get the ban on the .client order. So not even an actual data request.

Any idea what could be going on and if it might be something on the pythonanywhere side of things? Like could there be something running in the background or something?



What endpoint do you try to connect to? Is it whitelisted for free accounts?

thanks for your reply.

yes it it is the one which is whitelisted.

Strange thing is.. somehow it is running again without getting bans, just like two days ago. Yesterday i'd get a ban for an hour and after the ban i'd try again and immediately another ban on just the client order. Now it is running fine again. I made sure yesterday I killed all the processes.

I'll let it run for now (even trough the tarpit) and see what it does toward end of the day.

It's possible that they're driving their bans/rate limits by IP address as well as by the account on their side -- so if you're connecting to them from PythnonAnywhere, they would potentially see your requests as coming from the same IP as some other user, and if the other user is hitting their API a lot, that could affect your rate limit too.

Unfortunately if that is the problem, it will always be a potential issue on PythonAnywhere -- though perhaps less so for a paid account than a free one, as paid accounts use a larger pool of IP addresses for their external Internet access.