Hi, I want to use python anywhere as a new host for the new website. I need to create redirects because the old website uses a different link structure. I read in the topic .htaccess is not possible on python anywhere. What would be a solution for the redirects?

Thanks in advance!

how many paths are you redirecting / or are you doing some sort of wildcard redirect?

there's broadly two ways to do this:

  1. setup something from your dns service provider level. eg: cloudflare has page rule redirects etc
  2. setup something from your webapp level. so eg: if you are using django, django itself can do redirects from etc

Hi Conrad , I have ± 40 redirects to do. Number 2 sounds better then DSNS.

Do you have a link that shows what and how the add this?

Do you have something like that in mind? The redirects app | Django documentation | Django