Chrom for Selenium

Hi , I want to use Selenium with Headless Chrome on your server with my account . Can you please enable the access to use it ?

I also want to d the same please enable it for my account

hi, @aspirantsv, medalion -- we're currently in the process of enabling the new virtualization system for all accounts on PythonAnywhere, which unfortunately may take a week or two to complete. We'll let you know when that has been done for your account; I've made a note to make sure that you're in one of the next batches to be moved over to it.

Hi @conrad, I'd like to be part of this too if possible! Thx!


ah actually @medalion and @buemsk, you two are already on the newest virtualization system. However, you are both on an older system image. You would have to switch to the newest system image and then also pip upgrade your version of selenium for headless chrome to work. See this.

How do I move to a new system image

You can do that on the "Account" page.

@medalion & aspirantsv the change is done for you.