Error in Task log-files: Device or resource busy

Hello together, Yesterday I set up a new Dash-Project, where the required data is captured via different task. Today I had a look in the log files of all tasks and see the following message

rm: cannot remove '/mnt/chroots/defianalytics/fishnchips/dev/shm': Device or resource busy

In the scripts there is no rm-Command and the scripts seems the be run successfully. So, can anybody help me, what is wrong on my system, please? I myself have no idea, because similar tasks are running on another account without any message.

I just compared and the only really difference is in using the following line inside the code scriptPath = file Could the file cause this message?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sorry about that - a little bit of a server hiccough that I've fixed. Your tasks should be fine now.

Wow, such a fast answer. Thanks a lot for solving the issue. Really great !!! Now, everything looks fine.

I have again this message in my tasks. This was the first time today appearing again

rm: cannot remove '/mnt/chroots/defianalytics/fishnchips/dev/shm': Device or resource busy 2021-04-03 05:01:23 -- Completed task, took 34.95 seconds, return code was 0.

Can you have a look again, please?

thanks for reporting- let us investigate and get back to you.

Judging from the second message--

Completed task, took 34.95 seconds, return code was 0.

Given the status code of 0, I think the message above was just a warning, and your task did run fine after that warning.

We believe this warning is due to a recent change that we made on our side, but should just be a warning that we should have filtered out for you.

Please let us know if this is not the case!

You are right, the task a running as specified. There is neither a warning than an error before the message, that was irritating me.

So, if the task are running, everything is fine and I let them as they are.

Yes, that sounds like the right thing to do for now. We'll work out how to suppress that error, because it is annoying and confusing, but it doesn't seem to indicate any specific system issues right now.