Youtube Video not available on embed


I am trying to embed a youtube video via an iframe on my site and it seems to work until I try to play the video.

The youtube player is successfully embedded but when trying to play it shows as video unavailable and to watch on youtube.

The embedding works for the given video on other HTML test sites.

I have found this post on stack overflow and wondered whether it was an issue in the way pythonanywhere is hosting the site?

I do have a domain name set up and currently use the CNAME set up to redirect to my domain.

Any help or advice that you have is appreciated!


What browser do you use?

Hi, I am using chrome and have the same issue using safari on my iphone

Could you give a link to the page where you're embedding the video so that we can see it?


I have managed to resolve the issues thanks. The embed option on the youtube side was disabled.


Oh, glad you figured that out!