Always-on Task slow to start...

I've been running an always-on task for a few weeks now - works well but I've noticed when I pause/restart it, it's getting slower and slower to actually restart.

It used-to-be 1-2 mins - then more like 3-4 but today any restarts have been well over 5mins and on one occasion it was well over 10 mins from 'Start' or 'Restart' to the task going into 'Running'

Any particular reason for this - something I'm doing wrong perhaps?

When did it happen? Sometimes start time of tasks is affected by how busy our underlying infrastructure is. Let us know if it gets better or worse in the future.

I'll keep-an-eye - knowing it can be slow is useful because I'd assumed it was crashing repeatedly or something similar but - no - just slow!

By way of an update, it remains pretty slow when pausing/restarting an Always-On job.

It never takes less than 2-3 mins to pause one and it's AT LEAST 4mins when restarting - which might just be how it is but I'm sure it didn't used-to-be this slow?

Note: I'm also trjp here - both accounts have/had this issue...

Thanks for letting us know!