Bash consoles failing to start


The last few days I have been getting a lot of these errors when I try to do a 'Start bash console here'.
It is not with any regularity, sometimes it works first time other times it takes 3-4 attempts before it finally works.

Sorry, your console process failed to start. Please try again.If this persists, please contact support.                                         Console closed.

Is this a problem for anyone else or something with my profile?

I have been getting this periodically this morning, but everything seems fine now.

Thanks for reporting that -- looks like one of the console servers had run out of PTYs. We're going to look into setting up better monitoring/alerting for that...

I am experiencing this issue now. Any suggestions? Should I open a ticket?

Nevermind...It has resolved itself!

Same message today with

If you're in the tarpit, perhaps it's just timing out.

Apparently not a tarpit. Here is the rest of the error message from

/bin/bash: line 0: exec: ipython3.6: not found Console closed.

Ah- if you were doing this from your current user account, then it is because your old account has an old system image which doesn't have python3.6 or ipython3.6. So it couldn't run that particular python3.6 console. Would you like us to switch you to our latest image? (we don't automatically update existing users because it may break their existing code etc)