No error in bash console but code not working

when I run the code into the bash console . the code does not work. I have tried many times it works in pycharm but not in P ython anywhere There is no error but it never works

How is it not working? (Meaning: what you are trying to do, and how it's failing? Did you try adding some logging to the script you're running to establish what's going wrong?)

Actually I have wrote a program of sending email if there is a birthday of a person. when I run in pycharm it works but when I run in bash console it does not give me a error but not work

How does the code look like? How do you run it (what command)?

the same problem. The console just doesn't respond

15:03 ~ $ python3
15:04 ~ $ python3
15:07 ~ $ python3
15:10 ~ $ python3
15:19 ~ $ python3

@Allexasha -- is your code supposed to print anything to standard output? If it's not doing that, you will not see anything in the console.