New site has over-written


I have added a new web app to my site mainly because I was going to copy the files from ne app to the other. All the files from the original site are there however it appears that the new site has completely over-written my I don't know why it did this. I have lost about 4 weeks of work and really need the old back. Nightmare!

Sorry to hear that! The Flask setup screen does have a message in bold telling you to change the default path so that any existing sites don't get overwritten.

We do take daily backups; they are designed for disaster recovery ("disaster" in the sense of the datacenter being destroyed) rather than point-in-time recovery of files, so it can take up to 24 hours to restore a particular file from them, but we can kick off that process if you like. The one for today was at 8:57:55 AM UTC. Would that have the version of the file that you need? And could you confirm if it's called and was in your mysite directory?


It doesn't matter how long it takes because it would take a while to re-write it. UTC and London are I think on the same time so 8am would be great as this happened at 16:30 today. It is just the /mysite/ file I require. This is a real lifesaver and a huge thank you. I'm really enjoying pythonanywhere and teaching flask to my students.

Next lesson github backup of files :-)



It's done. You will find your file in /home/learninfo/

Absolute hero. Thank you sooo much. All sorted and working . I'm truly grateful.