Save files to Dropbox?

How would I specify the folder (dropbox) for python to save data to? I know how it would be on my computer, but what is the path on PA?



You are in a Linux environment so can just give the full path.

In your case that would be '/home/cwbh10/Dropbox/<your shared folder>/'

Make sense?

yay, I thought so. Cool Beans. I'm just making a nice little backup script for my ftp server. I <3 Python Anywhere :)

:-) thanks!

the perms on my Dropbox folder seem I can't write to it... anyone else have this problem?

In [26]: ls -ld Dropbox drwxr-xr-x 3 65432 0 62 Apr 3 02:39 Dropbox/

er, nevermind, I can write to the folder UNDER that one --as per the README.txt if I was to have read carefully.

drwxrwxr-x 2 65432 registered_users 64 Apr 4 22:18 pythonanywhere/

Yes, that does frequently trip people up. I think we need to special case the error message in some way so that people don't think they are doing something wrong.