Configuration with cloudflare using HTTPS


I'm using cldouflare as a CDN for my app, and I also want to upload a SSL certificate from cloudflare to my app.

Here is what I've done:

  1. In cloudflare, I've setup a CNAME from to, and a CNAME from to
  2. In cloudflare, I've created an "origin certificate", and I've uploaded it to my web page in pythonanywhere (I followed
  3. In cloudflare, under SSL/TLS -> Edge certificates -> Disable Universal SSL, I've disabled universal SSL
  4. In cldouflare, under SSL/TLS -> Overview, I selected Full (strict) encryption

I get error 526 when trying to access However, works fine. How to make accessible?


I'm guessing that you've getting the 526 error because your certificate on PythonAnywhere is for and not for Your best bet is to configure CloudFlare to redirect to instead of using the CNAME.