Setup react with django

Hello pythonanywhere I'm using react for my frontend and django for backend and I tried installing node using nvm and tried npx create-react-app this command works but take time a little then creates the app but after a while the folder gets deleted itself saying npm error ... System error.. Even I saw that my CPU usage gets 100% before it finishs!.. Please tell me a way setup react with django here???

What is the full error message that you're getting?

It installs all dependencies and at last

npm err maximum call stack size exceeded Says deleting generated files and deletes them

even I tried npm install create-react-app then when I run create-react-app frontend it says command not found..

Which version of node did you install with npm?

No I installed node 10.6.0 using nvm.

Any answer for this question please

@tidarfelagi What question?

How to setup react with django here on pythonanywhere.... I have mentioned there error above .. When i try with npx create-react-app frontend i get npm err maximum call stack size exceeded

And even i tried this npm install create-react-app then when i run create-react-app frontend it says command not found

You need to install react first to be able to call create-react-app.

I installed both react and create-react-app

But i still got the error bash: create-react-app: command not found

Did you install it with the -g option?

Yea this worked but I got npm ERR! maximum call stack size exceeded

any help please When i create-react-app npm err maximum call stack size exceeded

Aha! I think that with a free account, you do not have enough space to install all the node modules. From a brand new account with more space, this works:

git clone
source ~/nvm/
nvm install v14.15.0
nvm use default
npm install -g react create-react-app
create-react-app my-react-app

This takes the space used up to over 600MB.

ran into this error:

npm ERR! code Unknown system error -122 npm ERR! syscall mkdir npm ERR! path /home/todoer/frontend/node_modules/.staging/native-url-02d69221 npm ERR! errno -122 npm ERR! Unknown system error -122: Unknown system error -122, mkdir '/home/todoer/frontend/node_modules/.staging/native-url-02d69221' npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! /home/todoer/.npm/_logs/2021-07-29T09_52_31_300Z-debug.log Aborting installation. npm install --save --save-exact --loglevel error react react-dom react-scripts cra-template has failed.

Use nvm, take a look at

how do i run npm run build when to get the build folder

Could you provide more details on what you're trying to do and what kind of errors do you see, if any? Also, have a look at this help page.