Proxy error when using requests in Pythonanywhere

Hi there, I'm using requests library (through Soundcloud module) and I'm having an error:

Caused by ProxyError('Cannot connect to proxy.', error('Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden' when I try to access soundcloud API.

The strange thing was that in interactive mode I was able to connect it successfully with the API, but when I run my app it fails.


That is very strange. Are the interactive mode and the web app definitely using the same API domain for soundcloud?

Disregard the interactive thing, entirely my fault. Just learned that the API endpoint that caused the failure was not the one I was testing in interactive mode.

The API endpoint that caused it is called /oembed ( and its URL is:

I see in PythonAnywhere whitelist but not

Is it possible to white list this URL (since it is part of the Soundcloud API)?

Best piqoni

No problem. Try it now?

You guys rock!

It works.


sorry for the trouble but could you please add on the whitelist because it is used for authentication BTW, i saw ntu on the list.....

If there's an official public API there, we can whitelist it -- just give us a link to the API docs.

From that, it looks like is the correct API endpoint. Does that sound right to you?


may i check when will it be added to the whiteliest. best regards

Would it be possible to add ? I'm trying to generate some graphs for our university kayak club webpage, link to the api docs:

Both of those are whitelisted now.

Could you please whitelist API and I'm using it for rain prediction. Docs link:

OK, have added those two. let us know if it works oK?

They work fantastically! Thanks!

Could you please whitelist ? I'm using pythonanywhere with google apps script web app.

ok. I looked into the documentation and I believe is used when google apps script returns content after you hit, and is used as a one-time url.

I've whitelisted for you.

Thank you so much!!

Hi PythonAnywhere friends!

I am getting a proxy error on a simple subscribe request to the mailchimp api. Is it possible to get this whitelisted?

The endpoint im hitting looks like this:

Thanks so much and blue skies!

Hi there, I've added * to the whitelist now, let us know if it works OK!

Hi can anybody help to add into whitelist?


I couldn't find any api docs there. Could you send a link to the api docs?

Hi Glenn here is API doc:


No problem. I've added both the live and the testing domains to the whitelist.

Work like a charm, thanks Glenn!

Hi guys, can you please white list ?


okay, we have whitelisted for you!

Hello guys, I see that you have added API to the whitelist can you also please add '' as well. I'm using it to get historical weather data.


Hi there, that second url looks designed for human consumption, not machine consumption, so that tends to rule it out from being added to the whitelist I'm afraid.

paid accounts start from just $5 tho!

Hello, Sir, I want to access KiiCloud for a datastore, could you please add it to whitelist? English Doc: API:

Ok. I've added that to the whitelist.

Hello, Sir, thanks for your quick response. However, when I access the service via KiiCloud SDK, the error "urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden>" remains. (The url is I also restarted the bash console. May you help me ?

Ah. Sorry about that - I didn't finish the process properly. It's working now.

Thanks, it worked.

Hello, Sir, After you set into your whitelist, it worked well. But it suddenly does not work now. The request worked well these day, but now it took a very long time, and failed. Is there anything wrong with it? FYI, no problem for accessing the same KiiCloud from my local or from Google.

It seems proxy server is down.

Oh, now it works : )

Doesn't seem to work for me, I get the ProxyError all morning :(

Could you check again now? We just restarted it.

It works now, thank you!

Excellent, thanks for confirming!

It's working now. Thanks.

Thanks for confirming!

Hai, can you whitelist this link? im using it and im getting error('Tunnel connection failed: 403 Forbidden'). Please help

Send us a link to the API documentation and we'll consider it.

Give me your email id or something

please i need it... i use that website to collect information using my python script

Do they have API docs? Where are they?

No it is just a website

Unfortunately we can only whitelist sites with an official public API.

Hi, Sir, Do you have in your whitelist?


yes. the full whitelist is here:

Hi, Sir Can you add to your white list? It seems twilio has changed its api server.

If is enough, I am sorry. I will check again the error log and my code.

let us know how you get on!

Hi there. I also get the ProxyError message. Could you please also whitelist the following api: host=''

Thank you for your help!

can do! can you send us a link to the api documentation?

more information re; requesting whitelist additions is available here, everyone:

Thank you for your reply. You can find the API documentation here:

Unfortunately, it's mostly in German. But the API is nothing else than train timetables etc. for the Swiss public transport system.

OK, have added that now, let us know if it works OK?

It works perfectly fine, thank you very much for your help!

Excellent, thanks for confirming!

Hi again. I got another tunnel error and kindly ask you to whitelist the following API:

The documentation can be accessed here:

Again, the API is for public transport information (a different one this time).

Thank you for your help!

Hi there, I've added that to the whitelist now, let us know if it works?

It works now, thank you so much!


Can I request for Globe Labs API to be added to the whitelist too? Thank you very much!

API endpoint I'm accessing:

API Docs:

Hello,Sir Here are several APIs of bitcoin exchanges in Japan.













Would you please add them in white list?

Thanks very much.


Those docs only refer to, so I have whitelisted that.


If you go to the "Opt-in via webform" section (, you'll see the endpoint I need ( in item number 6. Please whitelist that, thank you very much! :)

Ok. I see that. I have whitelisted the extra domain.

Alright, thank you!

No problem, glad to help!

can we get whitelisted? port 443

i believe this is why i am getting the proxy error?

Sure! That's whitelisted now.

Can you please whitelist "" API Docs here "" I am getting error accessing "***/**.pdf" Thank you in advance.

No problem, I've whitelisted That won't cover, though -- is there documentation that mentions that hostname?

Hello,Sir Here are several APIs of bitcoin exchanges in Japan.













Would you please add them in white list?

Thanks very much.


Sure! Those are whitelisted now.

Hello Sir, I want to use an API but I am getting error Tunnel Connection Failed.



Will you please add stride API to whitelist ?

Thank you very much.

no problem, have added that now, let us know if it works OK?

Hello . Can you whitelist "" Thanks

Hi there, can you show us the api docs for Thanks

DOC ""

Hmm, that page seems to be more a general terms and conditions page -- it mentioned, but I can't see any documentation relating to the API specifically. Is there something that documents how to use the API?

Hi can you please whitelist "" ? this is a cryptocurrency exchange

Hello! could you whitelist "" please?! It is a public site from the state of Utah.

Edit: posted twice

@prateekjjw001, @JesseScraper -- could you give us links to the API documentation for those sites, please? there is github code and documentation.

@prateekjjw001 what we need is a page on that says "our official API is at", or something like that.

@giles No API documentation available.

@giles No API documentation available.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing on their site. Only github api documentation is available

Then the site is not a candidate for inclusion in the whitelist.

Hi there, Could you please whitelist . I'm using this link in my Mooc to learning Python. Thank you so much.

Hi there -- could you give us a link to the API documentation that says it's OK to programmatically access that page?

Hi again, how can I get that?

If that site allows programs to scrape it, they'll say somewhere on the site.

Hello . Can you whitelist "" Thanks

Hi, can you whitelist "" I did a simple scraper but i get the proxy error


@ayevan and @Careerow, please post a link to the API documentation that shows the domain that the API is published on.

@glenn Unfortunately there are no API available for Overwatch, so I made a scraper of the "career" page The Url of the request is:

Unfortunately we can't whitelist sites without an official public API.

could you please whitelist ?



Ok. I have added that to the whitelist.

Could you also please whitelist for me? API documentation here:

Thank you!

Ok. I have added that to the whitelist.


Can you whitelist textgain (, perhaps? Docs are here:

Ok. I have added that to the whitelist.


Can you add * ?

My app download few pdfs from (United States DEPARTMENT OF LABOR)

Could you give us a link to some kind of docs saying that automated access to the site is OK?

Also -- you have a paid account, so the whitelist won't affect outbound Internet access from your app -- is the one you're talking about running in a different, free account? If not, the problem won't be fixed by whitelisting the site.

Hi, I'm getting this same error for the endpoint, docs at

Ok. I have added to the whitelist.

Hello, Sir, I want to access subscenes for getting movie subtitles, could you please add it to whitelist? English Doc: The is working but when i type the movie name and click search it is producing forbidden error 403..

Could you give us a link to the official API documentation? This needs to be a page on the domain that describes their API and how to connect to it.

this is not an offical api..i took that from github..

If it's not an official API, unfortunately we can't whitelist it.

Hello, could you please add to whitelist the following API: Getbible ( API and Info (using JSON): WEBSITE: Thank you!

Ok. That's done.

Hello,could you add "" cloud api's in the whitelist

Best regards

endpoint is ""

Please provide a link to the official API documentation describing the endpoint that you are proposing to whitelist.

Wow, did not expect such a fast response. Link for API documentation:

Website :

I am sending sensor data to adafruit cloud .When i want to retrieve my sensor data,i run a https request using API key provided by them.It worked well when i used it locally(using django on my PC).Now i want to host my website on pythonanywhere.It shows error when I run https request on pythonanywhere.

Best regards,

Thanks! That's whitelisted now.

Thanks a lot...!It's working now.

Excellent, thanks for confirming!

Hello, could you add a service '' to the white list? End point Official documentation

Hello, I create a bot for a social network that could send up-to-date weather data. For hosting decided to choose pythonanywhere. But I encountered an Proxy error. Could you add a service '' to the white list? End point . Official documentation Best wishes.

it seems like their api is at, and not at, so we cannot whitelist that.

Thanks for the info and help.