Bash console error/problem

When using the tab key to auto complete I am getting this error "COMP_WORDS: bad array subscript"

here is a related(old) bug on ubuntu;

like the above bug I am using the full path of the python executable as I am using a virtual env.

I just had a quick try and couldn't repro - could you provide some detailed steps to reproduce?

I have a virtual inv in a dir called "bot" inside that dir I have a dir called testing with a in it

so if I go into the inv directory and type "bin/python tes" then hit tab to autocomplete the "testing" dir that is when I get it.

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try /usr/bin/python tes?

Hm, having looked into it, I see it's about trying to use a different python executable to the system one - so my last advice is no good.

But do you actually have to use the virtualenv's python executable? The docs suggest it's only for installing packages... and for that, does virtualenvwrapper help? we have that installed...