Upgrade tesseract-ocr to v5.0.0-alpha.20200328

Hello, I am using pytesseract and it needs tesseract. The version which I am getting from you is not giving me convincing results for my project. I need upgraded tesseract-ocr to v5.0.0-alpha.20200328 for my project to give good results. The same code works and gives good results in my local notebook with the latest version but when I deploy it on your website I get very bad ocr results. The text just doesn't get recognized in your version. It is very disappointing. Can you tell a time when the upgrade would be done. Its very bad I spent so much time to create the app and deploy it and don't get any good results.

Hi, tesseract-ocr version is bound to our system image. We are planning to deploy new system image later this year which will have v. 4.1.1 of this package.

How is this going now?

Work in progress.