SQLite issue here?

I have a web app that writes tweets from Tweepy file to a SQLite database at the background, with caching and fts planned out. And I’m hoping this updates graphs at the front-end in real time.

Can this be done on pythonanywhere? I tried on Heroku but only the saved data prior to deploying showed up and the graphs do not update at all. (I later had to figure out Heroku doesn’t support SQLite).

Would pythonanywhere allow this? Or should I try elsewhere?

Yes, that sounds like something that would work fine on PythonAnywhere.

Thanks glenn. I’m trying to add more features to my web-app then I’ll give it a try on here.

I just wanted to check -- when you say that it updates graphs at the front-end in real-time, what kind of front-end is that? And what mechanism are you using the push the graphs to it?

Dash. It accesses the database(pandas.read_sql()) being populated and the graph sections get updated at a timely manner(n_intervals).

Ah! In that case, it depends on how the updates are implemented. If they are implemented using web sockets then that will not work on PythonAnywhere. If they are implemented using timed requests to the backend, then it will work fine.

I appreciate your help, Glenn. Yesterday I tried DigitalOcean’s VPS and everything ran smoothly. The web-app need be active for at least another 50 days then surely I’ll be back on here for a more lasting app. Again, thanks.