WhiteList Suggestion :

I am creating a python script that emails users when their product reaches their desired price.It took a lot of work. But when I run it on python anywhere I get this error

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Please Whitelist

Send us a link to the API documentation and we'll consider it for the whitelist.

Are API'S required to whitelist websites?

here's it :

I don't see anything there that looks like API documentation. It just looks like instructions on how to sign up for the affiliate program.

Why can't you just whitelist and Why is an API required to whitelist website,I took a lot of work to make my project you know ?!

We instituted the whitelist in response to abuse by free users. If a site has API documentation then they have given explicit permission for the site to be used by programs and are set up to handle use by programs.

Can please whitelist please :) ,I promoted pythonanywhere on my youtube channel and I am also a student. my video :

it took me weeks to make the project

We can only whitelist sites that are official public APIs; Amazon's main site is not one of those, so we can't whitelist it.

amazon has two APIs for products on Amazon: the Product Advertising API and the Marketplace Web Service (MWS) Products API. The PA API is for websites to use when advertising Amazon products: The MWS Products API is intended for the use of third party vendors on

this also applies to ''

you can visit the stack overflow question:

can you add is a very useful free database which can be accessed via API. Please can you add this to the whitelist.

sure, can you show us the api documentation?