aiohttp.client_exceptions.ClientConnectorError: не удается подключиться к хосту ssl: default [Ошибка вызова подключения ('', 443)]

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It looks like you have an answer on stackoverflow.

this does not solve the problem at all and is not relevant to the solution

you have to help me

it is on your service that the code does not work, I tried it on many computers, but something does not work here

Free accounts on PythonAnywhere need to use a proxy to connect out to the public Internet, and can only access sites on a whitelist. The site you are trying to access is on the whitelist, but you need to tell aiohttp to use the proxy; the documentation is here and you can find the proxy details by looking at the environment variable http_proxy.

thanks for the help, now everything works here I answered my own question

Thanks for posting that! I didn't know about the trust_env parameter for aiohttp.ClientSession. For anyone else coming across this forum thread, adding that parameter makes aiohttp check the system environment for the http_proxy variable, and use it if it finds it -- which means that it will use the proxy. Check out @0dminnimda's Stack Overflow post linked above for an example.

Great, I hope now you know how to solve similar problems and can immediately tell the solution to other pythonanywhere users (I'm sure this is not the only post with such an error)