Help with a web app.

Hello guys, I’m wondering how I’d get my web app running on here.

I have a web app that runs fine on my local machine, and it’s in two main parts: first uses the twitter api and obviously has to be online 24/7 everyday in order to populate my database with recent data AND the second accesses that database while rendering my front-end(Dash-Flask) to make graphs from acquired tweets. All of this in a single folder.

I usually run it by opening two terminals to run each, but how do I go about making that work here?

Suggestions would be highly beneficial. Thanks.

Note: I’m on the free account and hope to upgrade if it helps my case. If my solution is outside here, please do indicate as well.

I really need to get the app running before Tuesday else I’d have to wait for another week.

You can update your database with but it works only with a paid account.