Certificate issue

Hi Team,

Am getting the following error in chrome.

This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

I have configured the domain as under the "web" tab of Pythonanwhere, so when i type in chrome there is no issue. When i type as I get the above error.

How can i escape it ?

You need to set up an HTTPS certificate for your site -- this help page explains how.


I have already configured https.

I could see the root cause of the error is due incorrect CNAME in DNS. Now i have corrected the records as per this page

So , good thing is it works for but says’s server IP address could not be found.

You can use NakedSSL to handle that.

This solved the issue, Thank you !. Generically speaking, can this be solved by adding an A record in DNS?

We do not have a stable IP address to use in an A record.