cant access to web2py admin after change file

First, create my web2py app with the web tab in Dashboard. So, i have an web2py directory, and a web app running, that i can connect with admin pass. After, created a conection with my dropbox, where are the web2py files (a more modern version) and apps and changed the to points the new directory in the dropbox shared folder. And restarted (a lot of times!). The web apps loads correctly, but a message with admin disable appears when i try to access. Thanks

I forgot to say that i connected with https, and the error is "unable to connec with this password", so its a password error

Hi there, when you switched to the new version of the app in your Dropbox folder, I guess that changed the admin password.

I think you can reset it from the command-line in a Bash console - I'm not a web2py expert, but something like:

cd Dropbox/my_dropbox_share
python --password="new password"

Or something like that?

No, that dont work, because try to start a new server service. I found the solution: the pass is saved, encrypted, in web2py/parameters_[port].py. So, I only have to copy this file from the old directory and paste in the dropbox shared new directory. In my case, the port is 443, so its the file.

@puercoespin: Welcome to our PA community. I'm glad you got this issue solved...☺

Thanks @a2j and all PA community!