Incorrcect CPU seconds usage calculation

Since the major system upgrade some weeks ago I'm getting random CPU usage calculations. I have timed and always-on tasks that do the same thing everyday and I've been monitoring usage and noticed every day I get completely different calculations from 9000 to 4000 seconds. The difference is major and it forced me to upgrade my seconds to then find out the day later that I didn't need to upgrade. I do understand there can be small variations but I can't understand why so much difference. Could look into this and let me know what is going on? Thanks

The use of CPU will depend very highly on what your code is actually doing in a particular run. In particular, different data can result in wildly different CPU use, because it results in different code being run.

I agree with what you say but have noticed major differences on scripts that do the same thing everyday. Are you confident you have no bug?

Just to double check, do you mean cpu seconds or are you seeing a variation in the wall clock time?

How did you notice said differences? (ie. what were you looking at)