Pool/Multiprocessing Support

Hi - I was wondering what support PythonAnywhere has for mutiprocessing and, if it is available, how many cores would be available for Pool to utilize.


Yes, multiprocessing will work on PythonAnywhere -- even in website code, where threading doesn't work. How many cores you have access to depends on where your code is running specifically, but most of our machines have four.

However, it's worth noting that the machines you use are shared between different users, so of course you won't have access to 100% of their capacity. We can set you up with a private server if you like, but that could be relatively expensive -- the cheapest would be US$75/month on top of your normal plan's price. I can provide more details if you're interested in knowing more.

Thanks for the reply! I'm shopping around for a decent number of cores (100+) to run some pretty heavy code and figured I'd check in here since I'm already a customer. I'll follow up if this ends up being a good fit.

Thanks again!

If you're looking for 100+ cores, that will definitely have to be on a private server. None of our machines have that many cores.